Family First Entreprenuer

"I believe in loving the people in my life more than any other thing."

This simple idea is the core of who Marc Warnke is as a person and it is also the foundation of his Family First business philosophies. Discover the power of balancing relationships and family while creating wealth within a business system through Marc's writing, consulting, and speaking.



How to Take Bad News and Still Thrive

The economic times we are in are touching people’s lives in a challenging fashion.  I recently ate dinner with a Harvard Law graduate who felt lucky have landed a less than ideal job.  In my personal circle of millionaire friends, six of them have already declared bankruptcy, and others I know are just hanging on by the skin of their teeth. continue reading...

Small Biz. The Rich? Employers of the US

I was recently sent this letter by one of my Family First Entrepreneur friends.  I think it encapsulates why we need to support small business and Family First Entrepreneurs, politically, as they are the reason this economy is still hanging on.  This is a bit long, but definitely worth the read.  continue reading...

Why Christmas

This is an email I recently received from Troy Olds, a business partner of mine.  In these economic times I think it is critical to remember why we celebrate Christmas and to not fall into the trap of “consumerism” as it’s overall defining “time suck” during this holiday season.  Remember, the people we care about spell love T-I-M-E. continue reading...

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"I believe in loving the people in my life more than any other thing. This is the story of my discovery of this simple truth."

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