Against the Ropes

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Mark, As a podcast and new

Mark, As a podcast and new media consultant... Let me just say... You are doing all the right things!   Just keeping it real is the most important thing!

BTW..... I finished the book! WOW!!! I am looking forward to sharing the insights I've gained with my community!


Keep up the awesome work!


Hi Marc, Great video, very

Hi Marc,

Great video, very insperational. keep up the fight.


Thanks for this video post! 

Thanks for this video post!  I was just on Twitter searching recents posts from the people I'm following for a little inspiration, and I came to your post that provided the link to this video.  I needed a little pick me up and this provided just that.  As an entrepreneur in the sponsorship marketing business, there are a lot of challenges in getting companies to spend money these days, even when great ideas are presented to them.  I will change my focus and attitude, and spend a little extra time with my 2 kids today so that I can remember what's important!

Jessyca Keeler

President, Align Partnerships

Thanks for your twitter

Thanks for your twitter messages & blog - good luck with your book. It is nice to know that I'm not alone when I feel like the boxers against the ropes.