Calling Yourself a Family First Entrepreneur is a Guiding Light

No one would dispute that life affects business and business affects life.  They are complimentary to one another in a positive or a negative direction.  So, finding a system where these two things remain supportive of one another, at all times, is the key.  By calling yourself a Family First Entrepreneur, a distinct master is designated and decisions can be filtered through a calling that is greater than yourself. 

There are two distinct facts, as a part of this, that deserve more attention.  One, is the fact that EVERY successful system is led by a core or foundational ideology.  It acts as a trump card in the decision making process that keeps you on track.  By calling yourself a Family First Entrepreneur, you create a natural filter that can guide you as you make key directional, long term decisions in your business.  Day to day decisions also become easier as all decisions will serve a greater calling—family.

It’s important to remember how easy it is to have a financial decision lead you down a path that does not support your ideas of what life should be like.  One bad decision can lead to years of effort, only to find that you were shooting off the mark and you unintentionally landed somewhere else.  (Please refer to the Ready, Aim, Fire decision making process in “ONO”)  This is why it is so key to keep a candle lit concerning your core intention—being a Family First Entrepreneur.  By owning this simple idea, you adopt a core level philosophy that will become your guiding light. 

The second distinct fact, stated in the introduction to this post, was that by calling yourself a Family First Entrepreneur you serve a purpose greater than yourself.  This is a key motivational piece.  As parents, we can all identify with that place where we would put our own lives at risk to protect our children.

The human instinct of self preservation is arguably the most powerful instinct we have, yet, we can override it with the love of our children.  The human fear of change is also very powerful, but it takes a back seat to self preservation. We can use that same powerful love of our children to overcome the fear of change.  Overcoming fear of change is a necessary step to create growth in all facets of our lives.  When we stretch and grow in our business life, with the right core focus (family first), we get to have it all. 

Capture the power of calling yourself a Family First Entrepreneur.  Let people you do business with know where you stand with this one simple statement.  We only need to look into the eyes of our children to find the strength to implement change in our financial life to support our family life.  Join us at, where we gather and support one another.

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Brilliant post and site. I'm

Brilliant post and site. I'm sorry I didn't find it sooner. It is an old, tired, adage but no one says at the end of their life that they wish they'd spent more time at the office (or chasing money in any way). It is all about relationship, integrity, values. Thank you for promoting this.