4 Ways to Focus on Abundance While in Survival Mode

As the ONO company’s opportunities continue to expand and grow, I am doing more business with other Family First Entrepreneurs. It’s very interesting to notice the shift among us to be focused on survival over abundance.  Now believe me, I get the survival deal. ONO is growing, but my other two businesses are struggling in this economy and they are acting as motivational anchors. Cash flow is down and capital is hard to come by. 

The strategy I have employed in my businesses is to focus on survival while leaving the door wide open to abundance. I make sure that my family’s basic necessities are met, as first priority, but I also leave room for time and energy devoted to my home run ball. I stay pumped, knowing I’m cooking a feast while serving pork and beans as appetizers. Without the feast, my motivation to do either, well, pretty much disappears. 

Here are a few things I do to keep my eye on the ball.

1. My creative juices flow when I am hatching the next phase or strategy to take my big plan to the next level. I keep these juices flowing by having people around me to bounce new ideas off of. I can last for days from the energy boost I get after an engaging brainstorming session. I then use that energy to push through the action to make it real. Many plans can be moved forward with one hard push. Keep yourself motivated and excited by surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people. 

2. Set aside time devoted to survival and abundance in appropriate ratios.  Right now I am working on basics of survival about 70% of the time, but I still keep 30% devoted to the big picture. You should do the same. Set times daily to be working toward your home run ball. It’s both motivating and profitable. 

3. Maintain a healthy balance of work and family. Don’t let your work time creep into your family time. Instead, use the ones you love as a motivational factor will keep your work time efficient. Family is my number one motivator. I work so that I can create more time to spend with my family. I know that my work time is limited so I make sure that time is not given up to nonproductive activities. 

4.  When survival is at stake, sometimes you have to be content with sharing the profit. Be willing to joint venture or partner in order to take away some of the capitol and time pressures. If your idea is good enough, someone will be willing to devote time and money to the cause for a piece of the action. 

A core skill of great entrepreneurs is the ability to have multiple balls in the air.  Most of the time, one venture is providing for the basic necessities, while the other has a chance to sail over the left field fence. If you are finding yourself in survival mode right now, carve out even 30 minutes a day and devote it to something abundant. That energy will amplify and it will have an overall positive effect regardless of results. Go for it, but remember, always keep family first. 

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 Marc, Great ideas for


Great ideas for keeping sane during rough times. My current husband and I are both on our second marriage. We have been married for 1 yr 8 mo. He has 4 kids, I have 2. The best part is, we make time for everyone because of the custody arrangments. And we have Friday nights to ourselves(unless we are on a camp out with the Scout Troop)

We have discovered that planning our time for work, play and personal growth is very important. We choose to be accountable to each other to keep focused on what we need to do and want to do.

Tim and I beleive we went through a rough time in our first marriages to be prepared for this one. We often reflect on past events as lessons that we pay attention to-so as not to repeat history. I know I have a partner that I can be open and honest with. We have such respect for each other. Respect is something that I think we all need to work on in all relationships. Edification is a big deal, in business and in personal relationships.

I read your bio and want to thank you (and your family) for sharing so much of your lives on your website. Your foundation for your book, your blog, etc is what we need more of to lift people up. There is so much hype being sold-forced down people's throats while they buy into the plan with possibly their last dollars.

I agree wholeheartedly that we need to teach each other to fish------and gather-and store-and love.

I look fwd to reading your book and more on your website.


Wendy Meuret

Twitter: Residual4Income

Great entry Marc.  The 70/30

Great entry Marc.  The 70/30 rule was a fantastic reminder for working  on the details yet keeping the big picture as overall focus.  Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. 

This is a really though

This is a really though provoking and useful post. Many of my clients are just starting their businesses after corporate life so survival is their #1 concern. With so many working from home and balancing with family it can be really hard, as well, to keep it from consuming them. Thanks for this! The number formula is something that makes it really clear.

This is a really thought

This is a really thought provoking and useful way to look at it. Many of my clients are just starting their businesses and survival is definitely their #1 concern. And with so many working from home, it's really important to remember the family first message. It's so easy to get consumed by your work, when your work is in your home. Thanks for this!

Sherri Garrity

Marc, Thank you so much for


Thank you so much for your blog post.  It will help me stay motivated, especially when thinking about what to focus on when trying to survive the economy.  Thinking of the ratio of 70% survival/30% abundance and creating is great to relieve stress and keep my eye on the bigger picture. It is our imaginations that will get us out of this economic crisis and onward to a new level of abundance.

I appreciate your tips and look forward to reading more.


Boni Candelario

Coach'm Up Boni


Marc, I love your post!  I


I love your post!  I especially appreciate you outlining the ratio to focus on, 70% survival mode/30% abundance.  This strategy relieves stress because you are not just focusing on what you don't have, but actively creating what you want.  It is our imaginations that will get us out of this economic crisis and onward to limitless abundance.

Thank you for your thoughts, they are helping me stay motivated.

Boni Candelario

Coach'm Up Boni