The Rise of the Entrepreneur

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Thanks Marc for the great

Thanks Marc for the great message.  This is a message everyone needs to hear right now.  I am currently working towards following the path that you have described and your message just reinforces my decision.  I am looking forward to your book release of ONO on the 22nd.  Thanks for the inspiration.


Marc - I so appreciate your

Marc - I so appreciate your POV. After the birth of my first child 9 years ago I was forced into doing independent consulting work after I was told my job was no longer available. They held my job for the obligatory 3 months, but I chose to stay home with my first-born son for 6 months. After all, you only have one first born, right? At first I was so upset that I didn't have a job as we count on that income. But a wonderful, dear friend (and mentor) encouraged me to try consulting. I didn't have the confidence I could do it, but 9 years later, here I am--still standing, with people still willing to hire me.  I work on my terms - part-time and when the kids are in school. It's a struggle at times to stay the course (working only part-time so I can be home for my kids) when I look around and see our peers moving into bigger homes, buying ginormous flat-screen TVs, driving nicer cars, taking great far-away vacations. But your ONO philosophy is exactly why I do limit my lifestyle--for our family. Thank you for reminding me what I know in my heart is true, but can seem elusive at times.

Big shifts create big

Big shifts create big opportunities.  While always scary, sometimes rough times are the right times to step outside of what you thought was easy and secure and do something new and exciting.  You've got it right to get people to wonder if they really need the toys and "stuff" that holds them back from doing something new that will also give them more time to focus on what is really important.  Go ONO!

Thank you for reminding me of

Thank you for reminding me of what's important. 

You're very relaxed and smooth.  Doesn't seem like a first vlog at all!

Good encouragement and great

Good encouragement and great reminder of what our focus should be on right now.