Fulfill Yourself and Your Community Through Volunteering

Last night I helped out in the “Snack Shack” at the baseball fields where my son plays T-Ball.  Everything and everybody associated with the league is supported by volunteers and donations.  Even the equipment and facilities are supported by fundraising drives.  It has no paid employees. 

I was talking with the gal in charge and I told her that we were honored to do our part to pitch-in. She then said that she was having great difficulty getting folks to help out this year (she’s been doing this for a long time).  She felt like maybe it was due to a shift to a more selfish society.  I then explained to her why I thought she was wrong.

In my opinion, the financial pinch that people are feeling right now has caused them to stay focused on surviving more so than ever.  Boise is one of the top areas hit by the popping of the real estate bubble.  Our big companies are also laying off a lot of folks.  This has caused a higher percentage of people to do double duty to stay afloat.  I don’t think it’s about willingness to help.  I just believe that more people are maxed out and are in complete survival mode. 

I have felt this same pressure in my own life.  However, when I still go ahead and volunteer, I leave not only knowing that I did the right thing for my community, I also come out of it feeling uplifted on a spiritual level.  As an extra bonus, when my kids do it with me “in thick and thin,” they get to learn by example.  Not only that, but they really enjoy it.  Pitching-in can be a very self-fulfilling exercise, and for Family First Entrepreneurs, it can be a great way to lead by example.  Do it with your family in tow and you will get more out of it than you give. 

It may sound weird, but if you find yourself stressed out and depleted, find ways you can help your community.  I think you will find that it refills your battery as opposed to depleting it.  It doesn’t matter what you give your time to, find a charity in need that you can relate to and find a way to help.  Equally important as giving of yourself, is giving with the ones you love by your side.  The time you spend together, in service of others, will be both fulfilling and full of opportunities to learn.  

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"It may sound weird, but if

"It may sound weird, but if you find yourself stressed out and depleted, find ways you can help your community."


Not weird at all - way back in the 1500's Martin Luther's friend told him: "You want to help yourself Martin? Go help others."


Great work!