ONO Breakdown - Part 1

Over the next few months, I will be going through ONO, from beginning to end, and will be digging in a little deeper to the content. There is so much more to say than the words that are written in the book. I hope you gain incite and knowledge from this series of video clips. 


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Why “Why” is More Powerful Than “How”

As the founder of the Family First Entrepreneur movement, I am constantly in conversation with very bright folks on the topic work/family balance.  In my mentoring and coaching, I am gaining more and more insight into the world of change and how it manifests.  Its been very interesting to notice the relevancy of the “why” being more important than the “how” as it relates to change. 

Let me explain that statement by defining some terms.  The “why” is the reason behind the change we are seeking in our lives.  The “why” can be about avoiding pain or chasing perceived pleasure.  The “how” is the mechanical process, or the steps we take to create the “why”. 

Many people dive right into the “how” because they know it is what they need to reach their goals.  However, many miss the critical necessity of having a powerful “why” in place first. 

As a teacher of Family First Entrepreneurial concepts, I continually have to remind people that the “how” will be unique to each individual.  Your “how” has to work within your lifestyle.  People have different marriages, children, businesses, and personalities, just to name a few of the factors that all go into defining your “how.”  All these things can drastically change how someone goes through with the process of implementing change.  For me to try and rubber stamp a “system” of “how to” that will fit for everyone would be ludicrous. 

Change only has a chance to truly occur when there is a powerful enough “why” to make you go though a process of discovery to figure out a mechanical change strategy.  One that is unique to you, that can last and be successful. 

Keep in mind, what we are talking about here, is change.  Change is hard.  It’s one of the most difficult things in the human condition.  It’s hard to create change and even harder to stick with it.  Change often occurs when the pain of our current situation overrides the fear of making that change.  An example would be a husband who begins to accept the necessity of marriage counseling after realizing he may loose his wife and family if he does not go.  The fear of ego implications or possible peer judgment of counseling is overridden by perceived or real pain of loosing the people that mean the most.  This is one way change happens and it can be a powerful “why” that makes the “how” happen. 

Another motivator of change that is less painful and more progressive is the dream of “greatness.”  Like the “how” and “why,” “greatness” is self-defined and unique to each individual.  The greatness motivation often becomes so powerful that people are willing to do what ever it takes to get there.  This is where positive motivation can grab hold and make all things possible.  Successful change happens when a powerful “why” makes us start and stay the course.  The key is to capture that powerful “why” and bottle it, to be opened in times of weakness or when you stray from your intended path. 

My strength, or my “why,” comes from the love and duty I feel to my family.  The duty, I feel,  to provide them with the best spiritual, emotional, and financial  environment I can, makes me be my best.  I borrow the power and motivation from that duty to do things that make me feel uncomfortable, but that I know I must do.  If it means walking away from a business venture that shows promise but will take me away from my family, then I know that I will have the strength to do so.  If I realize I will have to grow personally to do something that will meet their needs, then so be it.  They are the “why” motivates that change.  I constantly remind myself how kids spell love, T-I-M-E.  I do what it takes to make my time available to them.  Calling myself a Family First Entrepreneur also gives me a powerful “why” message that keeps me in check. 

Surround yourself with powerful “whys” and you will notice change happening more easily.  Don’t get caught up in the “how,” it will make itself apparent as you go through your own unique process.  Keep powerful motivation close at hand for times of weakness. Lastly, know that God wants you to succeed and grow.  Ask for his wisdom and strength while you stretch and feel the pain of growth and positive change. 

Plan A, B and C to Thrive While You Survive

I have devoted a massive amount of time recently researching where this economy is going.  I am very concerned with the direction we are going, both economically and politically, as it concerns Family First Entrepreneurs.  I don’t want to get into all the details about the problem. I would rather see you do your own research and arrive at your own conclusions.  I will say this—I personally believe that we are less than halfway into the bottom of this slide. 

With that said, I believe there are some things we need to consider as Family First Entrepreneurs to keep our families safe financially.  Better yet, I have developed a strategy that I believe will not only keep us safe in the upcoming years, but will give us the opportunity to THRIVE financially. Please pay attention to history and remember that many of the wealthiest people and companies were established during our country’s hardest times. 

My goal here is to get you to think for yourself, but here is a check list of ideas to send you thinking in the right direction. 

1. STOP spending money on non-necessities.  Cash will be king in these times.  Get creative with how you buy your fun.  Get financially skinny as a family.  Tell your kids what and why you are doing and ask for their support.  Three giant ways that families can save money is eating out less, driving more affordable cars, and learning how to cheaply entertain yourselves.  A family who gets serious about this can save as much as $2,000 a month. You can find other helpful tips on how to cut back expenses in my book, ONO.

2.  Accumulate cash and position it in safe, liquid positions.  At a minimum, accumulate six months of liquid reserves. I prefer twelve months worth of reserves in these current times.  A year’s worth of survival to create a solution for unseen change is just plain smart.  ‘Nuf said?

3.  Decide on your plan “A” for survival. First step is to know how much is going out and make sure you will have enough coming in. If you see vulnerably in your job or business, strategize your plan “B” and keep options open if things change.  Have other irons in the fire to assure survival.  Be mindful to have a solution growing as there is a very good possibility of major financial shifts occurring in the future. 

4. Plan “C” is where it gets fun.  Just surviving kind of sucks.  Here is where spending time building fortunes can add some spice.  Look for growing areas and business trends.  With a little research, you will be able to find what is hot in tough times. There is a ton of historical evidence about what booms when things get tight for the American consumers. 

Home based businesses and network marketing companies are booming right now, especially ones that have a “need” or “habitual” product.  Baby boomers have created growing industries as they have aged.  Boomers are concerned more than ever with their health and are spending money on it. Currently, one out of every seventy-five Americans are declaring bankruptcy. Nine out of ten of those are entrepreneurs.  These are successful people who are looking for another opportunity but can’t get capitol.  They also need help unfolding financially and starting again.  All these things have businesses behind them.  Spend a portion of every day building a business around a growing trend.  Even one hour every day dedicated to things like this may be worth millions down the road.   

Please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or any of my online properties as I am willing to help you get together your own game plan and build a solution to your families survival and a potential fortune.

Good luck.

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