Thanks to Meryl Evans

I just wanted to thank Meryl Evans for her recent review of ONO. Meryl is what she calls a “Content Maven.” She writes and edits content for businesses and publications. She also helps businesses build and maintain relationships with clients and prospects through content. Today, Meryl released her review of ONO and it was published in some very highly respected online magazines, including CNN Money Watch,, and Web Worker Daily. These are all part of the GigaOm Network.

Meryl not only reviews books, she also has a website and a blog where she writes about a variety of interesting topics, from business and marketing ideas, to writing tips, to helpful twitter tidbits. She has a lot of fun and relevant content. I would highly recommend checking her site out— You can also follow her on Twitter @MerylKEvans.

Thanks again to Meryl for seeing the dream of ONO and Family First Entrepreneurism. Your efforts in helping to spread the word is so greatly appreciated. 

Happy vs. Joyful

I was at a camp this weekend with my five year old son, Jaken.  There were lots of opportunities for learning and growth for the both of us.  One of the things that stuck out in my mind was a discussion that was had during an“adult breakout” session.  The leader of the session brought up the topic of joy and how it compares to happiness. 

This is an especially meaningful topic to me.  In ONO I talk about my three part mission in life, to love, to learn, and to live life with JOY.  Keeping joy in my life refocuses me on the playful kid I have inside, which my kids love and my wife sneers at.  Yes…I laugh at farts.

I see Joy as a foundational attitude, or a basic place you come from.  Happiness, on the other hand, is a mood or a feeling that can be fleeting like all the rest.  A new car can make you happy, but it will never bring long lasting joy into your life.  Joy comes from a deeper place associated with your spirituality or core essence.  When you have joy, all things in life, good and bad, are dealt with more effectively.  You also attract abundance in finances, relationships and in all things you do.  Family First Entrepreneurs, as I see it, have a duty to themselves and the ones they love to find joy and keep that fire lit. 

Joy, for me, comes from my relationship with God because he takes care of the things I can’t control.  If I try to be in control of all things, then my joy flitters away and I move into the happy/sad cycle.  I still experience happiness and sadness when I have joy, but if feels different.  Joy acts like salt on a steak, it enhances the flavor of life.  Happiness and sadness, on the other hand, are quickly replaced with self care and resolution. 

Find joy in all that you do.  Life is not about eliminating all negatives—it is about having an arsenal to combat the negatives when they show up.  May you find joy for yourself, your family and in your journey toward ONO.  Short term happiness can be bought--long term joy is priceless. 

Teaching Your Child to Fish

Teaching a child to fish is all about two things, catching fish and comfort. Catching fish keeps it fun and comfort makes it worth it.  I pick my battles with my son by choosing a day with the right weather, choosing the right species of fish, and bringing lots of his favorite snacks.  When he’s ready to be done, we are done.  He gets to call the shots and I take on the cheerleader/coach role (you should see me in spandex shorts and pom-poms paddling a canoe). 

I find that bluegill are one of the best species for kids to catch.  They are in most suburban ponds and are widely dispersed across the US. The kids get to watch a bobber, and bluegill are fairly predictable and relatively easy to catch.  I also like using a bobber because the hook will set naturally with just reeling in when it goes down.

 I like to take kids out in a boat or canoe. Kids enjoy the whole boat experience and because you are away from bushes and trees, it allows for bad casting skills.  I always stay encouraging and excited throughout the process and I try and divest myself of the need to “do things right.”  Much more praise than correction or criticism.

 My oldest, Jaken, just had his best outing ever.  He landed five bluegill and three bonus bass in a pond not far from home.  We used a fly below his bobber, but worms were working well also.  We studied the bugs in the moss and had fun taking in all that was around us.  Catching the fish was obviously his highlight, but the whole experience was good.

 I fished the pond before I took him out, just to make sure it was going to be a good experience.  I advise you do the same.  Kids don’t have the patience to hang out while dad figures out the magic fish catching recipe—you will loose them before the fun starts.

If you pick your opportunities and plan well, you will ignite the fisherperson in your child.  The flip side will be a kid who doesn’t want to leave.  If you have any questions of me feel free to do so in the comments. 

Have fun and good luck.

Shel Horowitz Reviews ONO

Shel Horowitz, ethical marketing expert and author of books such as Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World, and The Penny-Pinching Hedonist: How to Live Like Royalty With a Peasant's Pocketbook, has recommended and written a review on ONO in his recent online newsletter. You can read the review here.

I just want to thank Shel for taking the time to read and review ONO. To get a recommendation from someone of his status means a lot. Shel has dedicated his life to the art of marketing and is widely considered one of the the top experts in the field of grassroots marketing.  In fact, his book, Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World, was a finalist for ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award.

Shel is a man who lives by the ethical standards written about in ONO. He too, writes often about how upholding high moral and ethical business standards can greatly benefit your business. I have been a fan of Shel’s for quite some time. I would recommend his blog to all of you. On it you will find not only marketing tips and strategies, but he also writes a lot on frugal living and ways to save money, which we can all use right now.

Family Folk Choose Entrepreneurism

I am continuing to hear more and more feedback from people who have read ONO.  Often, people tell me their stories of why they have chosen the entrepreneurial lifestyle.  Most report that they chose to be in business for themselves because it allowed them to be in control of their time.  Time is the most precious commodity of any family first person because that is how kids spell love—T-I-M-E.

I have spent years in the small business world. I have walked into literally thousands of businesses and I have surveyed them on a myriad of different topics.  One thing I have seen over and over again is people who wanted to own a business so they could be in control, and the opposite happened.  Their business owned them and they were working longer and harder than ever.  This happens as a result of a bad planning and decision making in the early stages. 

In ONO, I go through what I call the “Scrabble Theory in Business.”  It is a decision making process witch details how master entrepreneurs make good decisions.  The key to being a great Family First Entrepreneur is to be a great decision maker.  Great decision makers knowing the ‘whys’ of those decisions as well as what the result needs to look like.  Many people look to start a business and then try to make it give them what they want.  This is the “cart before the horse.”  You need to decide what you want first, and then start a business that can give it to you. 

Their are two things I recommend you do if you want to be a Family First Entrepreneur.  The first is to read ONO.  The second is to seek out a mentor who has what you want, in terms of lifestyle.  Don’t look for the flashy cars and big house on their resume.  Look for the guy or gal eating lunch with their kids at school.  Look for the people taking long extended trips with their family.  Look for people who have the time and money to give of themselves to the people they love.  That is what ONO and Family First Entrepreneurism is all about.  Befriend these people.  Take them out for lunch and just ask them good questions. 

You only have 936 weeks with your kids at home.  When we are in a society where we often blink and it’s Friday.  Don’t let another precious week slip past without having a plan to be the master of your own time.