Speaking Coaching & Consulting

Marc Warnke's unique approach to speaking publicly can help anyone with a message share it effectively with others. Whether you are in sales or speak for motivation, Marc can make you a better communicator. He will help you reach your target audience through a variety of services.

Marc is available to sit down with you, one-on-one, in the privacy of your home or office to evaluate a video of your presentation. He will offer helpful tips and techniques that will make your presentation more effective. He is also available for group sessions as well.

During your training session Marc will:

  • Teach you to use emotion to steer your presentation and influence your audience
  • Help you set goals and take the necessary steps to reach them Critique speaking style and body language
  • Be available to rewrite or revamp your script
  • Show you how to increase sales without being pushy or overbearing
  • Suggest support products and materials to will add to your revenues
  • Help you find the purpose and intent of your message