ONO Seminar

 Watch for Marc Comming to a Town Near You!

"Marc's ONO seminar has helped to remind me of the things in life that I have been overlooking, in turn I have reevaluated both my business and personal goals."

"Marc has the unique ability to take complicated material and transform it into simple truth that rings home."

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  • Topics of Discussion:
    • Concept of ONO
      • Living a life full of Options as opposed to Obligations and the creative freedom that it provides.
    • Development of a Higher Purpose
      • Helping you discover your self defined intended purpose in life.
    • Spirituality in Business
      • How having a higher power of some kind facilitates serenity in entrepreneurism.
    • Make Your Fortune in Your Free Time
    • Defining wants vs. needs in your life can create wealth.
      • Save money by limiting lifestyle without noticing.
      • Earn time by delaying wants.
    • Imitation over Innovation
      • Learn how imitation is much easier and more efficient than innovation.
    • The value of operating from the spirit of generosity.
    • Actively participate in creating your own wisdom.
    • Marc’s three step strategy to launching your next entrepreneurial venture; Ready, Aim, Fire!


Do not miss this life changing opportunity. Marc is passionate about teaching Family First Entrepreneurism and he is excited to share his passion with you!