Sales Consulting

Marc Warnke’s lifetime background in sales training and motivation combined with his ability to pick apart current systems and make them better will take your sales force and bottom line to new levels.   His expertise in developing presentations and understanding the human dynamics that make people say “yes” is something you will have to witness for yourself to understand. 

Malcolm Gladwell speaks in Outliers about the principal of 10,000 hours. His research showed that someone must spend 10,000 hours to master one’s skill.  Marc will put his 10,000 hours worth of experience toward your company’s success.  Marc is so sure he will increase sales, he will guarantee results, or you don’t pay.  His areas of expertise, and a bit more about them, are as follows:

Immediacy Sales – With his 15 years of experience as a sales presenter and trainer for large and small ticket items, concept sales, and services he can help your force make the sale NOW.  A sales person with a check in hand on the first interaction is what he will help you create.  Interestingly, he will teach you how to do this through the development of a relationship first, before the sale starts.  In today’s sales environment the “grace” to sell must be earned.  

Emotional vs. Logical Decisions -- Understanding what makes people say “yes,” and why they say “yes” to your product or service is a very important component to the sales process and how it’s approached.  Logic tells your customer that the product is worth the money.  Emotion will make the decision to buy it.  Marc will show you and your staff how to use that knowledge to your advantage. 

Presentation Development – Marc has developed high producing sales presentations for himself and a multitude of companies with differing products and services.  His actual experience ranges from door-to- door companies to seminar sales.  He has put together presentations in lengths from five minutes to 90 minutes with massive results.  It’s not only the words we use, but how we say them, that make the sale.  Marc can help you with both. 

Trade Shows – The root of Marc’s background in sales, is in the trade shows, fairs and home shows. He has sold, and helped others sell millions of dollars of merchandise in this arena.  Marc is well respected as one of the leading authorities in the U.S. on this topic.  If your company is looking at, or currently using, trade shows as a way to market yourself, you need Marc Warnke on your side. 

Sales Management, Training, and Motivation – In almost any company, there’s a disconnect between the sales people and management.  “Familiarity breeds contempt” and “Dad knows nothing but the coach knows everything” are statements that describe standard human, and sales force, behavior.  Rather than fight it, Marc can bring in a fresh perspective with a new face and convey a message that your people will hear.  He can engineer a program specifically for your company, tuned to your needs, as opposed to the mass appeal messages that companies often “make” work.  [That can be done online or in person based on your budget.] 

Marc can help you set up the basics to train the new guy to be great quickly.  He will also help you put in a program that will eject the wrong guy before he costs your company money.  Marc’s true specialty will be to take your advanced salespeople and teach them doctorate level sales technique and keep them growing.  Sales people regularly need “new twists,” in order to stay engaged, fresh, and performing at top levels.  Marc can help at all levels of training, management and motivation.