“Marc has the unique ability to take complicated material and transform it into

simple truth that rings home.” 


Marc has devoted his career to speaking and teaching.  Whether it is to a small business of 5 or a large corporation of 5,000, Marc can put together a custom made presentation from a variety of topics that will motivate and inspire.


ONO: Options Not Obligations and Family First Entrepreneurism 

Learn the art of work/life balance.  Marc promotes a lifestyle and attitude about wealth creation that puts the goal of building wealth for the enhancement of family first, and for material possessions second.

Marc will teach you how to enrich your personal life by rethinking your financial life.  He outlines what it takes to live a life free from monetary obligations and how to give yourself the opportunity to choose what you do with your time and your money no matter the income level. 






Sales Training

In today's economy, immediacy sales are what is needed to stay profitable and relevant.  Marc is highly skilled in immediacy sales and is one of the most sought after sales trainers in the industry on this subject.

Marc will also teach you his marketing strategies and will show you how to take advantage of the most powerful and cost efficient tools on the planet.