What Others are Saying

    How ONO has Impacted the Lives of Others


Enjoy the good life while helping others, all without guilt. Marc’s new book, ONO, Options not Obligations, shows you how to change your thought process to obtain the life you’ve always dreamed of while being a better person to yourself, your loved ones, the community and world at large. Sound to good to be true? Read This Book.

- Dave Bernstein


“I only wish I had read Marc’s book 35 years ago. This book is not your typical self-help book. ONO helps you understand how applying a little discipline to your life can drastically change your lifestyle and your career to give yourself the inner peace that ONO offers. I’m buying 50 copies for all my friends.”

Doak Worley, Business Owner


I’ve read many books that have had an impact on my life. Some would be categorized as “How To Do” and others as personally inspirational — such as Lance Armstrong’s “It’s Not About the Bike.” However, very few gave insight into how to think differently in my business life — with Stephen Pressfield’s “War of Art” and Spencer Johnson’s “Who Moved My Cheese” among the best — until I read Marc Warnke’s “ONO: Options Not Obligations.” “ONO” has not only inspired me to think differently, but more importantly made me want to act differently. The book has helped kick me out of the rut of my traditional 9 to 5 job and encouraged me to search for alternatives that will allow me to have the option to spend time with my family as we grow, rather than the obligations that require me to sit at a desk. In five years, I want to be able to play golf on Tuesday and hang out with my family all summer long — without the worry that by doing so, I won’t make next month’s mortgage. As Marc would say, that will be delicious.

Travis Franklin, Business Executive